Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Madness

I thought instead of focusing on any one project like I usually do, I'd give you a few snapshots of my Monday.

It started with the Wright Brothers.  Reading fun day is coming up in a couple of weeks.  This time the theme is "First in Flight".  So I'm making the Wright Brothers as lifesize cutouts.  They'll stand at the entrance and exit of are area.  So I have to make 2 of each.

Next is a mini update on the lighthouse project.  As you can see, the fourth graders are adding more forms with paper mache.  They are taking shape.  Houses, boulders, bushes, etc., are being added.

And last but not least, our ECP students used tissue paper, tempera paint and paper plates to make a Valentine's Day hangings.

That shows you some of the variety of projects I'm helping to make throughout a given day.  I certainly don't have time to get bored.  This was only a half day with students.  Most of my morning was working on the Wright Bros.  Tuesday is a full day with wall to wall classes.  I'll be able to show you some more progress on the lighthouses. 


  1. The wright brothers look awesome, lighthouses are coming along grand and the valentines day hangings I like how the hearts stick out, even if I dislike valentines day.

  2. very interesting work, it looks like a lot of time was spent making those crafts

  3. The Wright Brothers are nicely done. So dignified looking. And those hearts are so sweet. Makes me wish I was a little girl again.

  4. Ah, the Wright brothers look awesome, Otter! Check out Orville's power-'tache! I love it!!!

    The lighthouses are coming on very nicely indeed and the hearts rock! I love the red and blue mix! That reminds me, I must make some Valentine's things for the shop! That being said...

    Later, Otter! :)


  6. Love the wright bros pics so cool