Monday, March 19, 2012

Mixed Media with ECP


 My ECP class is always a challenge to create art lessons for.  The students range in disabilities from visually impaired, varying degrees of autism and Down's Syndrome.  I work very closely with the ECP teacher to plan lessons that reinforce what they're learning in their regular classroom.  Earlier this month they were learning about geometric shapes.  Their teacher told me they were finger tracing shapes to help with recognition.

                                                                                I had them use craft sticks to make various shapes on a large sheet of paper.  They had to pick the shapes and be able to name them to make them.  After we glued them down, I let them paint the whole paper.  Some were very abstract looking and some tried to make it a recognizable picture.

They really like to paint.  That's always least until I get phone calls from angry parents, lol.  Somehow, even using art smocks, kids still manage to get paint all over the place.

We also used small colored tiles to help decorate our shape designs.  It's a little hard to see all the detail  after the paint was added but they still turned out nice.    

After we get these matted and possibly framed they will make fine additions to the hallway display or maybe even our upcoming art show.

We started working on 3D shapes the last week or so using paper mache.  They are painting their forms and will be decorating them further with stickers
Their teacher wants them to have larger shapes that they made and can manipulate with their hands.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lighthouses Pt 4

We had to take a lighthouse break for a couple of days.  My 4th graders are starting to burn out on it I think.  We started working again today and got most of the painting done.  The next time they see me we will start putting on the final details.  Some of the kids brought tiny rocks, seashells, and are adding them to their creations.

They are looking a little plain at the moment, but that will change when the new stuff is added.
The painting part has been a little tough for them.  For some reason, some of them began using the wrong colors for their lighthouses.  They were assigned a specific lighthouse from our state to create.  They have photographs to work from but some have deviated from the design.  I supplied them with the colors they asked for and didn't pay attention to they photos.  Oh well, live and learn.  

Now for a little peak at my first grade projects.  I have never made a triorama and decided to make them with first grade.

We have an art show coming up next month and I think the trioramas will make fine additions.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simple Machines

My 5th grade art classes have been working on a simple machine project for a few weeks now.  The assignment is to use at least 4 simple machines (a pulley, lever, fulcrum, inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axle, and/or screw) to propel or roll a marble.  There are 5 groups of 4 working together.  The group that sends the marble the furthest wins.  I've been largely staying out of their creative process.  I told them they had to make a plan first, then follow the plan as closely as possible.  If they wanted to change parts of it they all had to agree.  Working as a group is not their strongest quality.  There has been a lot of arguing.  I'm curious as to how these will turn out.  Some of them are looking interesting.  Whether they will work or meet all the requirements is another story.

My dilemma is do I help them more or let them figure it out.  Some of them are on the wrong track and I've been giving hints as to whether I think something is just not going to work.  The thing is one group tested their contraption out and it almost worked.  It sent the marble almost straight up but that was a start.  Now they are excited and working on some slight changes to send it off at more of an angle.  These are just a few pictures I managed to take while dodging flying marbles, lol.