Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unique drawing Experience Pictures

A few weeks ago I told you about an art lesson I do with first grade that they almost universally first at least.  I form all of our tables into a big circle.  The students are given a pencil and a piece of drawing paper.  I tell them to draw a certain shape or line, then pass their paper to the right.  Now the next student has their paper and makes a new shape or line.  After the paper has gotten around the table and back to the original person, their paper is full of lines and shapes and there is a look of horror on their collective faces.  Now for a minute all I hear is so and so messed up my paper and my drawing is ugly.  I ask them to look at each others drawings and tell me if any ones design looks the same.  Everyone says they all look different.  I ask how many look similar and explain how similar means they have the same kinds of lines and shapes, but all in different places.  After I explain that I'm not grading on how the design is drawn they start to calm down, lol.  I tell them they now have to color their new design.  I take up the pencils because some students will try to start erasing and "fixing" their designs. The rules are that they can't cross a line with a color and the same color can't touch itself.  Some are better at coloring than others, but it doesn't really matter.  These kids are at that great age where they love art and aren't self conscious about their art work.  At least normally they aren't.  They get over it quickly though.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Price of Art

I noticed that our classroom scrap box was starting to overflow.  When a student is cleaning up they will throw their left over scraps in a big box.  When we do projects, I have them use the scrap box for construction paper to save on the new stuff.  

Before class starts.

After the stampede.

Here they are using their found materials to create their various ideas.  There were clowns, insects, monsters, spaceships, and various other unidentifiable designs.  Sorry I didn't get pics of the final creations, but at this point it was almost time to go and they had a lot of cleaning to do, lol.  I don't let anyone leave the room until their messes are picked up.

Even after letting all my classes use the scrap box, it still looked full.  I guess I need to let them do this kind of thing more often.  They seem to enjoy it.  We're hopefully going to be starting the paper mache projects soon.  I'm trying to get done with the 4th graders lighthouse projects first.  They take up so much room for storage, I have no room for anything else.

Most of the lighthouses are ready to paint.  The kids have been bringing rocks, tiny seashells, etc., to add after the paint has been applied.  It's been taking longer then I thought it would to do, but they had 9 weeks to finish the project for their classroom teacher.  
Alright, back to lesson plans, lol.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping it Real!

This is for my loyal followers who have been demanding that great Elementary Art classic, finger painting.  Yes, we do finger paint on occasion.  What I like to do is spread out a few large sheets of bulletin board paper and let the kids go to town.  

This is a little sampler of my kindergartner's creations.  By the end of the day it was completely covered.  I'll get some pics of the finished product, but I thought it looked nice and clean at this point.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lighthouses Pt3

It's lighthouse update time!  We are a little slow going with the lighthouses, but they're coming along nicely.  We had a couple of quick projects we needed to do but we're back on track today.

You can see the lighthouses and houses taking shape.  Most of the students are covering their newspaper with torn pieces of brown paper towels to make them easier to paint.  We'll be adding rocks, trees, and whatever else we can think of to make our lighthouse models seem more realistic.  The kids are coming up with some good ideas.

A few students brought in tiny seashells they found in the sand from the playground to add to the beaches they plan to make next to their lighthouses.  The sand from our playground is brought to us from the beach.  The kids like to dig for "fossils"  I thought they had a good idea.

I think they're looking fantastic at this point.  Some of the students were having trouble applying the paper towel.  It's much thinner than the newspaper and wrinkles very easily.  The secret they found was using very tiny pieces.  It takes longer to apply, but goes on much smoother.  Any wrinkles that do occur can be made to look purposeful.  Some lighthouses are very weathered looking.   I believe some of them will be ready to paint next time and I can't wait.  I'm ready to see some finished products. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm a Good Heart Teacher

Last week I had my kindergarten class use colored tissue paper to make hearts.  Well, actually they used the tissue pieces to cover a white paper plate.  I had one class cover the plate with mostly cool colors.  I had the other class use all warm colors.  The cool colors we used were blue, green and purple.  The warm colors were red, orange, and yellow.  We used watered down glue to brush the colored tissue paper down.  The colors ran and blended together making a very painterly look.  This week I drew hearts on the plates and had the kids cut them out.

As I drew the hearts for the students, one of them said that I was a really good heart teacher.  I thought he said art at first, but he said "heart", which I thought was cute.  My heart drawing skills are finely honed from years of practice, lol.

I then gave the students another plate and had the ones that made warm colors make a cool color background and the ones that made a cool color heart a warm color background.  We then glued the hearts to our new background letting some of the hearts bend up to make a 3d effect.  One of my students began crying until I explained it was supposed to stick up.  Then she was happy.  We attached a wire to the backs of the plate so they could be hung up.

The hearts had a really nice texture because of the colored tissue paper and the students were in awe of how it looked like paint when they were through.  I told them to see if their parents could guess how they made them.  Overall, it was a nice 2 day project that kept them engaged and enthusiastic.  That's all I can ask for.  It was a good day.