Friday, January 6, 2012

A Family of Artists

I tend to focus on a particular style of art.  They tend to be black and white pencil or charcoal drawings.  My wife, who I met in one of my college art classes, still likes to explore multiple medias.  I'm a little jealous of her focus when she tries something new.  I was doing the murals at my school a while back, so my wife decided to do one.  If you don't remember, here's one of mine from my elementary school.

So my wife painted this.

Yes...she can be considered a one upper.  8p

I was doing charcoal drawings and made this one.

She made this.

A much more artsy loose look.  A look I have a hard time duplicating.

Then she got bored and made stained glass projects.

I have to get a closer shot of these.  They look pretty cool in the window.

As you may imagine, the house gets pretty messy sometimes with our various projects and materials lying around.  My 3 year old daughter has become living art a few times when she got into our paints and charcoals, lol.  Next time I'll show you some of our 3 year old's paintings from her sketchbook.  That's all I need, more competition, lol.


  1. haha hey a little competition only makes one get better. Those all looks great, they really compliment each other too.

  2. What did you use to make those stained glass looking projects?

  3. I absolutely LOVE the one of the barn. Props, yo.

  4. Looking at this made me realise... my work is crap! No wonder I burn so much of it! Rock on, guys! :)

  5. I remember the post where you talked about having trouble with loose drawings at college. I'm really impressed with your wife's drawing of the forks and spoons. And she does stained glass. The woman's giving you a run for your money Otter!

  6. Very very talented! The stained glass looks really cool. I remember doing something like that in school. Too bad I can't remember!

  7. Looking at all these i wonder if both of ur talents n styles combined i think ur three year old would be amazingly talented!
    Love the charcoal ones! X

  8. What a beautiful gift you both have! I remember when I bought my FIRST easel, I still have it, it's HUGE! The art around my home is in black and whites, pencil, charcoal... but when I break out my brushes, I tend to explore different medias and colors :)
    Loved all the art you shared!

  9. You both are very talented. I wish i could draw anything like that :)

  10. This blog is so awesome! Thanks for sharing all you.