Friday, December 23, 2011

Gestural Detail

     I was going through my old college art portfolio the other night.   Most of the stuff in there is horrible, lol.  The paintings and sketches do show the stages of my improvement I believe.  The jacket one was one that I really loved at the time.  It was part of a jacket study I was doing back then.  I know...jacket study, weird, right?  LOL.  It was made with charcoal and wash.  Wash is just water tinted with the charcoal.  It's actually quite large.   This project was basically our finals in this drawing class.  One of the "fun" parts of this class was that we all gathered around and critiqued each other's work.  My flaws were always that I couldn't loosen up.  My drawings were always too clean and precise.  My original jacket studies were said to look like doll clothes <wince>.  I had to stand back and use my whole arm to draw.  It was one of the hardest things to do at the time.  I was used to bending over my paper and drawing from a couple inches away.  This jacket was my turning point.  It was pointed out by the teacher and other students that I finally broke through that wall that was holding me back and "loosened up".  I know, sounds very over dramatic...but that was my whole world at that point in my life.  I did lose points for not using color.  But I couldn't bring my self to add it.  It felt finished.  Our teacher said it showed "gestural detail".  He meant that I didn't really add any detail but hinted at it.  At first glance, it seems to have a lot of detail but it really doesn't.  I don't the time I thought he made up the term on the spot, lol.  I eventually got a B- on it.  The teacher liked it but I lost points for not following the rules.  Well, here it is.  

     Not exactly hanging on the wall material I wouldn't think.  But I was asked by a friend if I could do one like this for her husband who is in the military.  She wants one like this but with his bomber jacket.  So maybe I can add this to my repertoire, portraits, pet portraits, landscapes and jackets.  


  1. Bah who follows rules, rules are for fools..haha

    Nice one, not bad at all. Could easily add it to your repertoire. Pet portraits too, the cat would have an overbloated ego with that..haha

  2. I'd hang that on my wall Otter. It would look great in a frame on a white wall. I hope you had a Happy Christmas. I was abroad, so I'm late getting here. Oh and I love the new background. It suits your page perfectly

  3. I really like it. I never could get that raw, gestural quality in my attempts at art. So my drawings always end up looking like schematics, precise, but flat and emotionless. :(

  4. i dont know that many people who do jacket study with the exception of my husband.
    it's a great one. love it ;)
    happy new year

  5. Otter,2012 bring us all good luck.:))