Monday, December 5, 2011

Funny Clay Faces

I decided to break down and let some of my students do a clay project before we go on Christmas break.  I usually wait till we get back so we have plenty of time to make, glaze and fire them.  Also, storage becomes an issue when you have several hundred clay projects at varying stages of development.  I have specific clay projects for each grade level each year and 5th grade gets the Funny Face project.
Faces after the first session.

I taught the kids about stippling (creating textures, shadows, etc., using tiny dots).  Some of them got very creative with hair and facial hair on their faces.  Even some of the girls decided to make their dads just so they could use stippling to make facial hair.  It's hard to tell from that group shot, but they came with very individual faces.
This one is cartoony.

A more realistic look

I was irritated by this one at first glance.  Then I realized the student made the dots and lines pretty symmetrical.  At that point, I was ecstatic.  Believe me, any time one of my kids uses something they learned from a previous lesson on their current lesson, I start to get all emotional, lol.

 These just show you the wide range of faces we got.

This brown clay dries to a light tan color.  We'll glaze them next week and then its kiln time.  I'm really lucky to have a kiln in my classroom.  I'll show you the work in progress later.  If I have time I'll also show you 2nd grades clay animals in progress.  I have to save something for the next post, lol.   Sorry some of the pics are sideways.  


  1. Third one looks like it could be the hellraiser guy..haha

  2. These are wonderful. And the one with the holes down the nose could be someone the child has seen in real life or on the telly. I see all kinds of strange tats and piercing nowadays. Please do post the 2nd graders, I'd love to see them.

  3. If instead of clay, you used cookie dough, I bet though would be delicious :)

  4. Lol those faces are awesome!!1

  5. The one that "irritated" you at first, when I first saw it, it reminded me of an African Mask. Beautiful work by your students, and they're blessed to have you as their teacher :)
    By the way... have you put the Christmas presents under the tree yet? hahahaaa
    The next time you come over to visit my blog, make sure you have your 3 year old munchkin, hopefully she'll enjoy my latest post too :)
    Much peace~

  6. Hahah. Funny indeed.

  7. For some reason, Blogger is being a total whore and not updating me on your lovely blog!

    I really enjoyed ceramics at school. Your students show incredible imagination and creativity! Well done! These clay guys are too cute! I love them! The last two look like a Beatles caricature (Ringo Starr!) and a Henry Moore sculpture! Nice!

    We have candy that looks very similar. They are also called Funny Faces. YUM!!! Bones has the right idea! :)

  8. My favorite "A more realistic look" Wins