Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paper Mache

     Just thought Id show you guys a little fixture from my classroom.  A while back, my students were making various paper mache projects.  Some were making piggy banks, others were making vases, and some were making globes.  I decided to show them something new.  I started working along side them and wouldn't tell them what I was making.  They did figure it out at a certain point of its development though.

Guess who.

     They ask me almost everyday if they can have it.  I tell them I may give it out at the end of the year as a prize.  But I dont think I can part with it, lol.  So, as a reward for good behavior in my class, I sometimes let one student wear it back to his classroom.



  1. hahaha that is awesome, now if only you were hovering off the ground, all would be complete.

  2. My, my...well, if I wore that in school I would probably be jumped by a rowdy bunch of Robert Downey Jr. fans and have my head decapitated, while they ripped the helmet off my sorry noggin'.

  3. Oh wow! What an awesome paper mache project. I wish I was a student in your art class. I made a paper mache brain as a prop for school visits, attached it to one of those leashes they sell at fairs and joke stores that looks like there's an invisible dog on it. Kids love Brain! My co-authors and I tell them that he likes to help brainstorm and help sniff out good story ideas. I think paper mache is highly underrated! Thanks for stopping by my site and for following!

  4. Awesome job! That's a pretty cool mask! you should make the rest of the body!

  5. Excellent, I still remember making paper mache dinasaurs in fith grade. :)