Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here Come the Clowns!

     We're still getting ready for Math Strategies Night next week and as I stated before it's a circus theme.  Today I had my students begin painting the clowns that will be put up all over the school.  I just drew a few quick clowns on some bulletin board paper and let the kids paint them.  They loved working on them.  I've never seen them so focused and on task, lol.  I was actually able to sit at my desk for a couple of minutes before an argument broke out.  See if you can spot the Jersey Clown in that group, lol. 

     I'm going to get started on my next circus mural tomorrow.  Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Even though clowns scare me, these are good pictures. You should do ringmaster and an elephant balancing on a ball. Or maybe the tightrope walkers or aerial acrobatics.

  2. Hey nice clowns, I hope it was fun.

  3. I do believe my clown is 3rd down :). Nice post

  4. Oh no those scary clowns, but the pics are great..haha

  5. ooohhhhhh!!!!
    Thats really artistic.... i could draw only 1 type of clown...red ball on nose with a pointy conical hat having colorful stripes..
    but this is awesome....!!! loved it