Friday, November 11, 2011

Circus Time!

     I just wanted to post a couple of pics to show you guys what I'm planning to do for Math Strategies Night next week.  I had the idea to paint circus characters with their faces cut out so the kids can get their pics taken.  I just started painting them thursday and managed to get 2 done.  I have a coworker bringing me large cardboard boxes monday so I can make backing for them and make them able to stand up.

 The strongman isn't entirely done as you can see. 

The Ringmaster is made for either a boy or a girl.

     I was thinking about making the human cannonball with their faces sticking out of the cannon.  I guess it all depends on how much cardboard I'm going to have.  Anyone have good ideas for other circus characters that would look good like this?  I want to make several.  These will be the main decorations with balloons all over the actual area.


  1. looks good. how tall are these ?

  2. They are about 4 ft tall...the smaller kids will have a step.

  3. Oh no they are faceless, those circus performers are a rhyming cat, I here that's a big new circus act..haha

  4. Wow, you are one awesome teacher! How fun!