Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unique drawing Experience Pictures

A few weeks ago I told you about an art lesson I do with first grade that they almost universally first at least.  I form all of our tables into a big circle.  The students are given a pencil and a piece of drawing paper.  I tell them to draw a certain shape or line, then pass their paper to the right.  Now the next student has their paper and makes a new shape or line.  After the paper has gotten around the table and back to the original person, their paper is full of lines and shapes and there is a look of horror on their collective faces.  Now for a minute all I hear is so and so messed up my paper and my drawing is ugly.  I ask them to look at each others drawings and tell me if any ones design looks the same.  Everyone says they all look different.  I ask how many look similar and explain how similar means they have the same kinds of lines and shapes, but all in different places.  After I explain that I'm not grading on how the design is drawn they start to calm down, lol.  I tell them they now have to color their new design.  I take up the pencils because some students will try to start erasing and "fixing" their designs. The rules are that they can't cross a line with a color and the same color can't touch itself.  Some are better at coloring than others, but it doesn't really matter.  These kids are at that great age where they love art and aren't self conscious about their art work.  At least normally they aren't.  They get over it quickly though.



  1. my english teacher used to do this with us. she writes the first sentence and the paper gets passed around. we thought that was fun :)

  2. I remember doing this! The girls all gave a huge sigh when the boys got their turn as we all hated the dark colours they liked to use. They deliberately messed up our pictures just to get a rise out of us! Jerks!

    Great pictures, Otter! :)

  3. I'm one of those that 'needs' a pencil. I feel pens and other utensils are too permanent ;p